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Breaking Bondages



The primary mission of Breaking Bondages Ministries is to introduce people to Jesus Christ and help them enter into a strong personal relationship with Him that will set them free from the bondages they have in their lives according to Romans 8:1-2.



The vision of Breaking Bondages Ministries is to establish a power house of ministry that will personally meet the needs of people through teaching and preaching God’s word, through written publications, seminars, ministry schools, radio, television, web and email sites and any other means possible to share the good news of God’s grace to all people.


We need you...

The Christian LINK Magazine

What makes us different. ..


We are here to help those who are not getting what they need from other sources. We are not a church but we do present bible teachings in the more relaxed setting of the home. We are also available to go to the churches to present Marriage conferences, and other specific bible teachings.


We need you to help us by supporting our ministry.  If you are led to use financial support we will graciously accept your support, but most important we need your prayers of support.  We would like to get the Word out to all those who are willing to read it and pass it on.


We need you to spread the word of The Christian LINK magazine.   We need you to read it, pray over it and pass it on to someone who needs to be encouraged with the words that are in it.   


We need churches to be in partnership with us to spread the news of The Christian LINK Magazine.  


Please contact us if you are willing to partner with us in this Christian magazine.